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Lodi man returns home after long battle with the coronavirus

After 7 weeks of fighting COVID-19, including a medically induced coma, Greg Frary has finally returned home.

LODI, Ohio — Last month, Tina Frary shared the story of how her Lodi, Ohio family was hit hard by the coronavirus. Her husband Greg was put into a medically induced coma and spent seven weeks in multiple hospitals. Tina was also diagnosed with COVID-19 and was quarantined away from any in-person support during a troubling time.

“We’ll be married 33 years and in all that time, we’ve never been a part for more than 5 days,” said an emotional Tina on April 15th. “So, this has been a living nightmare.”

Monday was another emotional day, but for a much different reason. What is Tina feeling today?

“Unbelievable love,” Tina responds. “Just so happy, so happy to have him home. It’s just incredible. To be away that long from each other is just, a horrific, horrific feeling.”

It was a roller coaster ride which lasted more than a month, but finally Greg is back home with her.

“It’s been a strange ride, let’s put it that way,” says Greg Frary. “The best day of my life has been today.”

Not only is Greg back with his wife Tina, but he’s back in the community of Lodi. It’s a community that he’s loved and was quick to rally around he and his family when they needed them. Family and friends wore t-shirts and put up signs that said #GregStrong. They dropped off food, sent well wishes and prayers and much more.

 “All of his friends from high school cleaned up the yard, laid down mulch and trimmed trees,” says Tina. 

“Put in a handicap ramp for me,” adds Greg. “It’s really about the community and my family and everybody pulling together.”

As great as it is to be home, Greg knows he’s not done fighting. He has weeks of rehab before getting back on his feet, but he and Tina aren’t worried. They know that besides being #GregStrong, Greg also has family and friends of angels fighting along with him.

“Instead of Charlie’s Angles, we’re Greg’s angels,” says Tina.

“My community means everything to me,” adds Greg. “To know that some of that is getting returned is just phenomenal.”

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