MANSFIELD, Ohio -- It was once among the most undesirable places. Its history is dark and intimidating.

Now, people are flocking to Mansfield’s infamous “Shawshank Prison” to get a tattoo inside the ominous reformatory.

It’s part of a weekend event known as Ink in the Clink, which features dozens of tattoo artists, live music and food trucks in and around the prison.

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We were also live at the event as our crew worked on the story:

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Mushroomhead, a metal band based out of Cleveland, is among the 46 acts performing throughout the three-day event.

Ink in the Clink also takes a terrifying twist by allowing guests to experience a portion of Blood Prison -- the upcoming Halloween attraction that will haunt the reformatory’s halls this fall.

The Mansfield Reformatory, which features the world's tallest free-standing cell block, closed in 1990. Since then, it has been showcased in numerous films like The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One.

Many also believe it’s one of the country’s most haunted locations, which is why it has been splashed across national TV on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

The prison is now a popular tourist destination, which offers self-guided tours and opportunities to hunt for ghosts.

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