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Mike Polk Jr. presents: The 'A Christmas Story 2' House

Sequel inspires competitor to Cleveland's ever-popular "A Christmas Story" House

TREMONT CITY, Ohio — Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the most basic tenets of economic theory will tell you that competition within the marketplace is good for both industry and the consumers whom they serve.

Free enterprise and open markets are the beating heart of a successful capitalistic society.

That’s why the fact that my latest business endeavor is still struggling to find an audience is so intensely disheartening.

As the sole proprietor of the “The (unlicensed) Christmas Story 2 House and Museum,” I’ve been disappointed (to put it mildly!) in the lack of community support (paid attendance) that I’ve received thus far. In fact to be candid, we are still awaiting our first guest. Now, how is that even possible?

People LOVE the movie “A Christmas Story”. It is inarguable an American classic! And we Clevelanders are lucky to have the original Christmas Story House here in town. People travel from all over the world to visit what has become an international landmark.

So you would naturally assume that when at least SOME of those people got done visiting the Christmas Story 1 House and had seen all that there was to see there, they might still be jonesing for additional Christmas-type activities in which to participate and redistribute their expendable income, right?

And of course you’d think that MAYBE they’d enjoy continuing their journey through the canonical Christmas Story timeline by then visiting my tribute to the straight-to-DVD 2012 sequel starring Daniel Stern, right?

Boy would you be wrong.

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