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Norton's Emma Pfouts setting new goals in recovery

An update on the student recovering from a near-deadly asthma attack.

NORTON, Ohio — For months, 3News has followed the progress of Emma Pfouts, and we’re happy to report her progress is well ahead of schedule.

After suffering a severe asthma attack that left the high school junior in a coma, Emma has been fighting her way back to normal. Her mother, Christina Weigand, said Wednesday Emma crossed another milestone following surgery to help flatten her feet.

"So she actually just stood on them today in therapy for the first time since she’s come out of the surgery, so that was pretty exciting," Weigand said.

In addition to past surgeries and therapy multiple times a week, Emma uses cheerleading as her motivation, and she’s working on moves like clapping.

"She hasn’t quite got it, there’s a little soft noise on there, but every day she’s...Every morning she’s getting it together," Weigand said. "First thing in the morning so she can get her cheers down."

Emma’s stepdad, Christopher Weigand, says her recovery hasn’t always been easy since the pandemic hit.

"We’ve been limited about hands-on therapy time," he said. "Doesn’t happen as often, so sometimes its hands on sometimes it’s not."

Soon, Emma will increase her speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions to five days a week.

"I think she’s realized like, 'Wow, I have a ton of people who, you know, pray for me and do everything,' and she really wants to do good by them and show them what she can do," Christina said.

Emma continues to set high goals.

"She wants to walk by a certain day, she wants to cheer, she wants to do all these things again," her mom told us.

Oh yeah, and she has one really big goal: To drive a vehicle!

"If you ever see her driving, you better call us," Christina said, laughing. "Call us right away, 'cause that should not be happening."

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