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Chris Webb: Poet laureate Amanda Gorman's words inspire beyond Inauguration Day

The 3News contributor and spoken word artist reacts to the powerful message sent by the youngest-ever Inauguration poet.

CLEVELAND — Amanda Gorman is America's first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate. At just 22 years old, she captured hearts and minds across the country with her performance at yesterday's presidential inauguration.

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One of those inspired, is our own spoken word artist and storyteller Chris Webb. So moved by her message, he shares this response with us, in his own words:

A yellow pea-coat, and red head wrap, and large ring on her right hand

On a day filled with firsts, and breakthroughs, she made history again

Crafting words like beams of light she shone a flashlight to this country

And used boldness, grace, and wisdom to speak beautifully, and bluntly

With skin dark like evening sand, and confidence so calm, and wonderous

With a voice like measured reason and a smile like my lil cousins

Riot flames have not yet cooled, she stood and stared into that smoke

And gave each weak spirit with tired eyes a needed slice of hope

You saw a poet, but I saw dreams for a million young black women,

Saw the bar raise for each young girl with this new era beginning

I saw Maya Angelou, saw passion for Breonna Taylor

Saw shackles shatter, ceilings break, and history find new flavor

I saw words find ears and hearts across a broken, tired land

Between her, Kamala, and Michelle, black women soared with command

She did what poetry should do, pierce hearts, move hate, and open minds

Exactly what our spirits need in these pain-filled, divided times

At 22, life still anew, she welcomes us to find our voices

To speak truth to power and be unashamed to make new choices

To hope again in this climate, to dream again in this land

To rise again with tired legs until you find the strength to stand

To follow dreams, they are not dead, your heartbeat tells a different story

If you feel stuck, don’t despair, it just makes for a richer journey

Know that hope is not broke down, whether it’s bright, silent, or storming,

Find your voice, and speak until things change, just like Amanda Gorman

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