MOGADORE, Ohio — One of the rarest Airbnb’s will hit the market soon in Northeast Ohio.

The Goodyear airship, commonly referred to as the blimp, will open to overnight stays for an extremely limited time. You see it above football games high in the sky, but now you have the chance to book an overnight stay, and it’s expected to spark a lot of interest.

"I think it will have an overwhelming response," Airbnb user Abby Donnell said. "It’s a unique experience that you wouldn’t get every day."

Adam Basaran, Assistant Chief Pilot of the blimp known as Wingfoot One, says only six lucky people will get the full experience.  

"We’ll actually have the airship available for three separate nights for three separate groups of people to come in and actually spend the night inside the airship," he said.

The seats of the airship’s gondola will be removed, and it will transform into a living space for two people. For $150, you get the overnight stay, a tailgate setup to host four friends, and some other surprises!

Keep in mind, there are a few rules: You must be 21 years old to be eligible to win, you can’t bring any pets, you can bring up to four friends with you but only two people can stay in the gondola overnight, and you won’t see any amazing aerial views.

"The ship’s not going to be in the condition to go flying," Barsaran admitted, "but we’re going to make it a special experience, not only with them spending the night in here, but we’ll give them a tour of the facility as well."

The Goodyear and Airbnb collaboration is an effort to promote college footballs 150th as well as celebrating the airship becoming the first non-person to be inducted as an honorary member into the College Football Hall of Fame. 

Now, the people who sleep in the airship overnight won’t be completely alone. There will be safety personnel in the building like normal because the airship is monitored 24/7 to make sure it is is all good at all times. The opportunity to book a night on the Goodyear blimp won’t all be released at the same time, so you have to keep checking throughout the day when it goes live on Oct. 15 

You can learn more about how you could snag a spot here.