Here are the stories from tonight's Loop:

He calls it a gut punch. Dr. Oz says he missed the signs of his mother's Alzheimer's disease and says, he carries the gene himself. The host of the Dr. Oz Show made the announcement on the air today. He says he hopes sharing his message will help others.

This probably isn't the mail Juul was hoping to get today. The FDA sent a stern warning to the e-cigarette maker, blasting them for illegally pitching their products as a safer alternative to smoking. The FDA also wants the company's documents on marketing.

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Target has its bullseye on its most loyal customers. The retailer announced today that it will roll out its revamped loyalty program nationwide. It's called "Target Circle." There are two perks to this: FIrst, rewards for your birthday. Second, cash back and coupons on things you buy. And there's no membership fee. Target says the program will start nationwide on October 6th.

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