It started as a flight straight to Santa himself in the North Pole.

A getaway for families with sick kids like the Cowlin boys from Cleveland's east side.

7-year-old Jaiviyon and 12-year-old Jaidyn both have special needs.

It was United Airlines' Fantasy Flight.

But Ashley and Abdul could never have DREAMED just what good stuff was being woven for their kids.

That day in December, it started with Batman, from Superheroes For Kids in Ohio.

Going beyond his typical crime fighting duties, he told Ashley Cowlin, "Let me know if you need anything."

"I'm like anything? We just left the house today and the furnace wasn't working," Cowlin said.

A 40-year-old furnace, they found out Friday night.

"It's dangerous."

That was the diagnosis from Matt Townhill with Medina Heating and Cooling.

Townhill, in the middle of a ridiculously busy work season, agreed to heed the signal Batman sent out for help.

"We're service technicians. We service. We're here to help people."

Matt also took his cue from the ultimate 'Super Power.'

"I'm a born again Christian and I believe we should do what's right," Matt says with unmistakable classic humility.

"It's late in the evening. He took his personal time to come here and help us and that just really shows how big his heart is," Cowlin says as she smiles her appreciation.

And here's the thing, Matt had no idea he was going to be in his words "on tv", only his boss knew.

Matt still willingly came.

"Glad I can be here. Glad I can help," says this superhero in street clothes.

Batman came to the Cowlin's home on Friday too.

"When we heard the Cowlin family not having heat with all the medical adversities they were going through, it takes it to a whole new level and we just wanted to help."

"He really came through to save the day," said Cowlin.

But Batman said the rest of the Superheroes to Kids in Ohio think the Cowlins are the heroes.

"Please know that you inspire the people around you," Batman told them, perched on their couch.

"God works in mysterious ways," Cowlins says.

Matt Townhill concurs when he says, "Yeah. He's always workin'."

The boys' stepdad Abdul Hayes, couldn't agree more.

"Everything was placed. God knew what was going to happen before we did," Hayes says.

Matt Townhill, on Friday night, was more than just the furnace repair guy.

"He is an angel. He went all the way to Medina to get a part to make sure we are safe. And he don't know me from a can of paint," said Cowlin.

"Believe it or not there are a few good people left in the world and God just put 'em in my path," Cowlin says, convinced.

Yep. Some heroes come in everyday clothes.

"He doesn't need an outfit. As long as he has that workbag on his side, that's all I needed to see!" says Hayes.

That rigged furnace is safe for now but in it's final hours.

Visit if you want to help get them a new furnace to keep them warm in the winter and air conditioning so those kids are also cool in the summer.

It's straight to #TheGoodStuff file with all these heroes.