NORTHEAST OHIO -- Forty-two.

That’s the number of children rescued from human trafficking in Ohio – in 2018. And many more still need saving. But there is good news to report. These young victims now have a better chance of recovery at a home called “Rebecca’s Place."

When you go inside, every sign, every towel and every quilt on display, was chosen with love and purpose.

This is Rebecca’s Place. Brand new and beautifully appointed.

Waiting for the girls who will arrive soon.

“I would love for them to find healing. Their identity. Who they are. How they fit into this world. Not only heal but then be able to go back into it and contribute amazing things to society, too. Because that’s what we are built for,” said Leah Clancy, the safe house coordinator.

The house is in an undisclosed location. Hidden and far away from the traffickers who preyed upon these innocent victims.

“Our beds are exclusive for girls who have been victims of trafficking. And so we have the best care for them. Best trauma, holistic are for all the areas they need to engage their healing,” explained Alicia Ley, the safe housing director for RAHAB ministries, the organization behind Rebecca’s Place.  

RAHAB is devoted to rescuing victims trafficked into the sex industry. This new home is named for Becky Moreland, RAHAB’s founder. The opening of Rebecca’s Place was four years in the making.

“If you are wondering where your next meal is coming from, you are never going to heal from trauma. If you don’t know where you are going to sleep, or who is going to be there when you fall asleep, then you are never going to be able to live the way we were meant to live,” Ley said.

Rebecca’s Place is licensed for girls ages 11 to 18, with 14 beds ready and waiting. When girls walk through the door, they can stay as long as they need. Though the scars they carry may never go away, at Rebecca’s Place they can learn that what they endured doesn’t have to define them.

With the opening of Rebecca’s Place, Ohio has tripled the number of beds available for trafficked children. And this new home would not be possible without the generous support of the Northeast Ohio community.

To learn more about RAHAB ministries, click here.