Streetsboro — Tuesday morning was a moment 40 years in the making for 63-year-old Bruce Sherman of Shaker Heights.

"I run every single day for 40 years. Today was the 14,610th day in a row," Sherman explains.

The FIRST day was May, 14th 1978.

"I ran in the first ever Revco Marathon and 10k that was staged in downtown Cleveland," Sherman recalls.

It was the day he became Cleveland’s own Forrest Gump.

“Jimmy Carter was president and I've run every day since then," says Sherman.

Every day Sherman sets out to run at least 3 miles, usually 6.

“I've run in 46 states, 22 countries, probably totaling 100,000 miles," Bruce says.

We’re going to take his word for it.

Especially because he told Channel 3 News, “I'm a very honest person. Also, you can go to You will see I am 19th in the country, 20th in the world, 1st in the state of Ohio with the longest running streak."

And as if running his final 3 and a half miles to make his 40 years of consecutive days running wasn’t enough for the day, Bruce made an appearance at the Streetsboro Planet Fitness Grand Opening Tuesday evening.

See, he’s kind of a rock star there, not just for where he's run, but for what he's made.

"I invented the gym valet," Sherman says pointing to all of the Gym Valet cups hanging on exercise equipment with disinfectant spray bottles and rags.

"What could be more convenient than having the cleaning supplies on every piece of equipment? And now 12 years later, I have Gym Valet in several thousand fitness centers literally around the world. Probably 100 or so right here at Planet Fitness," Sherman says.

Bruce Sherman, by the way, has a PhD in exercise physiology and has been a consistently trim 124 pounds for 40 years.

Staying active, eating healthy, Sherman says, “I live it. I breathe it. I teach it. I preach it."