He's had to learn to live with a condition that robbed him of normal cognitive skills and left him literally speechless.

But even when Cody Turek was little, he could still figure out a way to pull up Star Wars and Luke Skywalker on his mom's laptop.

A lifetime Star Wars fan who walked into a REAL LIFE lightsaber duel with the real deal Luke Skywalker.

Here’s his story.

17-year-old Cody Turek developed seizure disorder of the brain at 5. It’s called Laundaw-Kleffner Syndrome, or LKS.

"It takes away areas of language. In a period of 4 months he regressed to having no language or cognitive skills," says Cody’s dad Robbie “Flair” Turek.

"I had my 5-year-old back in diapers and he couldn't spoon feed himself. He could not even say mom," Cody’s mom Sara Neff told Channel 3 News.

"He was told he was never going to walk again. They even suggested he go to a group home," says Neff.

But their little fighter has also been a Star Wars fan since day one.

"We didn't want to hear it He is the crusader. He has the Jedi force with him," Neff says and smiles.

Cody is still a man of few words, but 2 words roll right off his lips when his dad asks him who he wanted to meet.

"Mark Hamill," Cody says with a smile that explains why his parents say he lights up a room.

Well, the good folks at "Make A Wish." made it happen.

The whole family spent some time with Hamill on the set of The Last Jedi last summer.
Cody not only got his lightsaber duel with Hamill, he has a personally autographed Luke Skywalker pilot helmet from Hamill to prove it.

Signed, “The Force Is With Cody. Best wishes from your pal, Mark Hamill”.

"I was in tears to be honest with you," said Robbie Turek, also a Star Wars fan from way back in the day of the first Star Wars film in 1977.

When it comes to wielding the Force, Cody is the expert around his home in the Cleveland neighborhood of Old Brooklyn.

The REAL Luke Skywalker said it himself when he tweeted #reelheromeetsrealhero

As in movie star meets the REAL hero, as in resilient Cody.

It turns out Mark Hamill IS the real REAL deal good stuff. Cody’s family knows it to be true.

Several pictures of Hamill hugging Cody are the kind of thing that makes a heart smile.

Hamill, draped over Cody like a best friend.

The body language that says “You can't fake this kind of kind.”

"The heart of the man who plays Luke Skywalker is immeasurable," says Neff.

Maybe the real meaning of “The Force be with you” is something we ALL can learn.

"Just to not give up. Never ever give up," says Neff.

On Friday night Cody and his crew were at the theater taking in the Last Jedi complements of AMC Theaters.

Managers didn't flinch in setting them all up with tickets to make sure the greatest Jedi from Cleveland could see his new friend on the big screen.

Maybe Mark took a few tips from Cody. After all, Hamill DID say Cody won their duel.

It’s just the latest accomplishment for this kid who lights up a room even without his lightsaber.