Three brothers are biking cross country for more than an experience together. They’re raising money and awareness for causes close to their hearts along the way.

The Brothers Bike trio of Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis Jenkins, who own and operate branches of ABC Home & Commercial Services in Austin, Houston and Dallas, respectively, began their journey in Seattle on May 23 and will end in New York City. They’re riding more than 3,500 miles to raise money for A Child’s Hope and the Moss Pieratt Foundation.

“I feel blessed that we have businesses that will allow us to be gone for two months, and I feel honored to ride alongside my two brothers," Dennis Jenkins said. "The charities that we are supporting are near and dear to my heart and very personal in nature to both of my brothers."

By June 3, the brothers were in Montana. They reported a few flat tires and a minor fall, "but everyone is still doing GREAT!"

The brothers had reached Idaho by May 30.

As of May 23, the brothers completed 68 miles of the trip and averaged 19 miles per hour.

The brothers made a similar trip in 2008, biking from Austin to Canada to fundraise for Caritas of Austin. This time, they’re hoping to ride across the country, raising funds for orphans in Haiti and for sudden unexplained death in children over the age of 12 months, or “SUDC.”

Raleigh Jenkins, the owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services’ Houston branch, made several visits to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people, while also leaving 1.5 million people displaced and 400,000 children abandoned.

Raleigh Jenkins founded A Child’s Hope, which creates home for lost and abandoned children in Haiti. In addition to housing, the foundation focuses on education and the physical and mental well-being of each child.

“This ride is near and dear to my heart," Raleigh Jenkins said. "Riding to provide a home, hope and a future for abandoned children in Haiti, and getting to do it with my brothers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to make a difference."

The brothers are also riding for the Moss Pieratt Foundation, which was founded after the death of Bobby Jenkins' grandson, John “Moss” Pieratt, Jr. The Pieratt and Jenkins Families -- Moss’s parents and grandparents – started the foundation to honor Moss’s life and raise both money and awareness to find a cause or cure for the sudden unexplained death in children over 12 months old, or “SUDC.”

Sandy Jenkins, their mother, and Bobby Jenkins’ daughter, Chelsea, is accompanying the brothers by driving the Support and Gear vehicle while promoting awareness and fundraising for the ride.

For more information on Brothers Bike, visit their website.

Photos: Texas brothers biking 3,500 miles for charities