BOONE, N.C. — Even the mean old Grinch has to plow his way out of trouble in Boone, N.C.

JoAnna Wayt captured a video of our favorite anti-Christmas character riding his snow plow in about 6 inches of snow.

Ok, well, maybe that was not the actual Grinch. JoAnna Wayt told NBC Charlotte her father, Joe Taylor, decided to put the Grinch head on to make everyone laugh.

"He got the head for a church Christmas party," Wayt said. "He pretended like he was trying to take presents."

Wayt said once they got 18+ inches of snow at their home, her father went outside to plow their street. She said he popped on The Grinch head for his grandkids.

"He just wanted to brighten everyone's day," Wayt said. She never knew the video would reach more than a million people.

"He was just doing it to make his grandkids smile," Wyat said.

And his new-found fame? Wayt said he is absolutely loving it.

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