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'The New You'| Meet Kati and Kim and follow their health journey

Viewers Kati Lucas and Kimberly Horton are joining 3News Meteorologist Jason Frazer on a healthy living journey with Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many challenges, and if it's also taken a toll on your physical and mental health, you're definitely not alone.

That's why 3News is launching a new series "The New You" with Jason Frazer and Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center. And we're inviting two special 3News viewers along for the journey.

Meet Kati Lucas. She's a busy mom of three in her late forties, who also works as a nurse.

"I'm just busy, busy, busy bee running around and dealing with [everything] and then I come last. Then by the time I realize I need to take care of me, I'm dead tired," Kati said.

That's a feeling Kim Horton can relate to. She's in her early sixties, retired for the last few years, but mom to two grown kids and proud grandma to her first grandson. She told us, she's ready to make a change.

"At some point in your life, you got to say it's time out for fear and those things that keep you from moving forward, and maybe this is going to help me move forward."

Kati and Kim both told us the pandemic has brought additional challenges to lifelong struggles with their weight.

"This year's just been challenging on many fronts for me personally and I want to feel better. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired," said Kati.

These are smart successful women. They're active too. Kim told 3News she's always been athletic.

"I consider myself still an athlete [and] my husband and I play tennis at least two or three times a week," she said.

They also are well aware of the importance of making healthy choices.

"[As a nurse] I understand how obesity can lead to inflammation and inflammation can lead to disease and so forth," said Kati.

Yet, like so many of us, both Kati and Kim have struggled to make a lifestyle change until now. That's where Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center comes in.

"In the center of integrative and lifestyle medicine we try to address not just physical pain or physical symptoms but also look at emotional health," said Dr. Irina Todorov, Interim Medical Director for the Center of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine.

Over the next eight weeks, Jason, Kati and Kim will have an opportunity to work with the Center to take a mind, body and spirit approach to healthier living.

"The goal of the program is to learn lifelong habits. The first week may be a nutrition consult, the second week will be massage therapy, the third week will be acupuncture, [for example], she said.

"I'm humble enough to admit that I need help...I saw this as a perfect opportunity to to just get my butt in gear and just reclaim a sense of agency about myself," Kati told us.

"Sometimes doggone it, you got to be selfish," laughed Kim. "And just say this is what I have to do for me."

They're ready to go, and we hope you'll follow along too.

If you're interested in learning more, or signing up for a similar program through the Cleveland Clinic, visit: 


call: 216.448.4325 or email: cilm@ccf.org