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Vineyard at Chateau Hough grows more than grapes

Something new is brewing in the Hough neighborhood in the former Biocellar there. 

If you take care of your grape vines, they'll take care of you

Mansfield Frazier has been caring for these vines for seven years, with a lot of help.

Around 60 people, to be exact.

The Vineyards at Chateau Hough are much more than vines, soil, and sunshine. It offers people who need it, a chance.

Coming out of incarceration, some come from the homeless shelters.

We look for people that want to be successful but need an opportunity to show that they want to be. We give them that opportunity.

The harvest of grapes has been successful too.

Just like juice turns to wine, the vineyard's former Biocellar is changing too.

We're just waiting to get our permit then we'll be able to make, bottle sell, have wine tastings, distribute, everything.

But behind it all, one thing holds true.

It looks like a vineyard and a winery but it’s really a jobs program. It's something to help stabilize lives.

I'd call that a successful harvest for Hough.

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