SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Who’s ready to ride?!?!

Cedar Point’s newest beast is screaming through the Sandusky sky as the testing phase for Valravn is underway.

Tony Clark, the park’s spokesperson, shared video of the record-breaking ride in action Friday, which you can watch below (app users watch here).

Fast forward to the 5:52 mark to see the moment one of the trains plummets down the 90-degree first drop.

Tony Clark on Periscope 4/8/2016

Watch the Periscope replay from this afternoon where Tony gave viewers a live look at a Valravn test run.

Posted by PointBuzz on Friday, April 8, 2016

Another clip posted to YouTube features snippets of on-ride footage mixed in with the video renderings that were released last September when Valravn was announced (app users can watch that video by clicking here). Move ahead to the 45-second mark to see on-ride video of the first drop.

Valravn breaks 10 world records, including its designation as the longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster.

Its 214-foot first drop holds thrillseekers at the top of its nail-biting plunge for four seconds before sending them face down toward the earth at 75 mph.

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WKYC crews will be there on Wednesday, May 4 with live rides from Valravn featured throughout our morning show between 4:30-7 a.m.

Coaster fans can soar on Valravn’s wings when Cedar Point opens on Saturday, May 7. Season passholders, however, can climb aboard one day sooner on Friday, May 6 for a special 7-11 p.m. event.

As they did with Rougarou last summer, Cedar Point is releasing Valravn-themed Toft’s ice cream, beer and its own Coca-Cola Freestyle mix flavor.

Can't wait that long for your coaster fix? Cedar Point's sister park, Kings Island near Cincinnati, opens for the 2016 season next Saturday (April 16).

Valravn: By the numbers

223 feet: Height of lift hill.

4 seconds: Length of time ride vehicles are held over the first drop’s edge.

90 degrees: Angle of first diving drop.

214 feet: Height of first drop.

165 feet: Height of first inversion (second tallest inversion in the world).

3: Number of inversions.

131 feet: Height of second diving drop.

75 mph: Top speed.

3,415 feet: Length of total ride track.

54 inches: Minimum height required to ride Valravn.

3: Number of coaster trains on Valravn.

24: Number of riders per coaster train.

8: Number of seats per row in each coaster train.

1,200: Number of riders per hour.

10: Number of world records broken.