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A tearful Mother's Day surprise for 'the most incredible mom' in Maple Heights

Thanking a single mom of two, and pseudo mom to many at Maple Heights High School.

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — There are so many incredible moms in Northeast Ohio -- and this morning we are recognizing a single mom of two.

Jennifer Presley is also a mom figure to the many students she works with as an administrative assistant in the athletic department at Maple Heights High School.

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Her friend, Bob, wrote in to us to share why he thinks Jennifer is so special, saying: 

"I KNOW and SHARE with you, the MOST AMAZING mother I know. Her name is Jennifer Presley, and she is a single mother of 2 children (ages 12 and 8).... and THIS is why you should consider her for this recognition:  Jennifer epitomizes what is means to be 'altruistic.' She GIVES, and GIVES, and GIVES. Her time, her emotions, her physical touch to make others feel loved, her resources, are ALL SHARED with others, while never ever expecting or wishing anything in return. She lives a life of SERVICE above self. As a full-time employee of the Maple Heights City Schools, she ALSO exemplifies the Latin term, 'en loco parentis' (in place of parents) as she is constantly supporting MANY students as a supplemental parent. Her students will say that specifically about her.... 'Mrs. P. is my pseudo MOM!' The Mustang Nation absolutely ADORES her. Additionally, she is a loving daughter, who is a caregiver for an elderly parent, and a faith-filled Christian woman who consistently seeks ways to help at homeless shelters and other volunteer needed organizations.  When it comes to her children, Jennifer gives Jacob and Leah all learning opportunities available. She lives by her theological example of why LOVING others is so very important for them to not just understand, but DEMONSTRATE! The fine arts, athletics, and service organizations are important to Jennifer's belief that these will help make her children well-rounded human beings. The MOST amazing thing about her parenting style is that she SHOWS and demonstrates, but rolling up her sleeves and evidencing through example. She is truly, just the most incredible mom I know.  I could PEN a novel about her and why she is deserving of this honor. I am her BEST friend and SHE is mine.... and I am a better man for it. I have great photos to share if you consider her for this recognition. You will be glad you did."

WKYC's Alexa Lee visited Maple Heights High School to surprise Jennifer with a few treats and hear more about her story.

Jennifer was shocked to see our cameras and overwhelmed with emotion as we showed her Bob's video recording of his letter.    

Principal Shay Price told us she's not at all surprised to see Jennifer recognized as an awesome mom.

"She’s great with her kids at home but she’s also great with the kids here, the students love her," Price said. "She couldn’t be in a better position because she works in athletics and there’s so much that goes into athletics that we don’t see -- kids need extra shirts or a ride or a banana, things that she provides for them so I am definitely not shocked about that at all."

Junior Tiana Greene agreed, saying "anything we ask her... she’s willing to help us."

Thanks for being a special mom, Jennifer!

Special thanks to Caruso's Coffee for the coffee gift basket, Lago for providing dinner for a night out, and Michael's for the gift card.