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Adorable baby beaver serves as reminder not to separate animals from homes

The 4-week-old baby beaver should have been left alone.
Credit: Instagram/sherry.carnahan

A clip of an adorable baby beaver running around made the rounds on social media on Tuesday morning.

But the video also served as a reminder not to separate animals from their natural habitats.

"Another baby beaver was bought into the facility at #OperationOrphanWildlifeRehabilitatioinc," author Sherry Carnahan wrote on Instagram. "This baby beaver, [approximately] 4 weeks old, was found but should have been left alone. The mom was not far away. Please don’t be too hasty to assume a baby is an orphan. Mother is often close by and out of [sight] watching her babies or off looking for food. #notallbabiesareorphan."

You can see the video in the Instagram player below.

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