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Tips on avoiding 'coyote conflicts'

They're cool critters, but can also be quite dangerous.

CLEVELAND — You'll probably hear them before you see them.

Coyotes live all around us, from the city to the country. The adaptable apex predator is one cool critter.

"They eat virtually anything they can get ahold of, and that means plant matter and fruits and nuts in addition to meat," Jamey Emmert from the Ohio Division of Wildlife told 3News. "They will take what they can get and survive well on it."

But with so many animals around and so many people, coyotes may lose their fear of us.

"We don't want coyotes to get habituated," Emmert said. "That is when we do encounter problems."

There are steps you can take to prevent coyote conflicts.

"The number one thing is to control our pets," Emmert stressed. "Keep cats inside. It's much safer for them. And keep control of your dogs. Keep them leashed or cabled, or in a fenced in yard."

Coyotes will come out during the day, and they are curious animals. They might stare you down, and they may follow you trying to figure you out.

"If that's the case, clap your hands, shout at it," Emmert suggested. "It should at least trot away, reinstill[ing] that natural fear that it should have."

Coyotes aren't looking for trouble; they're just looking to survive. But if you have worries...

"Please reach out to us," Emmert said. "We have a lot of information at wildohio.gov about coyote behavior and what to do if you have a coyote hanging around on your property."

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