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Lake County Metroparks caring for two bobcat kittens

Cuteness Overload!
Credit: Lake County Metroparks

KIRTLAND, Ohio — Lake Metroparks' Kevin P. Clinton Wildlife Center is now home to two orphaned female bobcat kittens.

One kitten came from Harrison County and the other from Carroll County.

The kittens were between three and five weeks old when they arrived at the wildlife center in Kirtland. They will stay at the Lake Metroparks facility until May 2021.

The Kevin P. Clinton Wildlife Center at Penitentiary Glen Reservation, in partnership with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, is the primary bobcat rehabilitation center in Ohio.

Since 2012, the center has cared for and released eight bobcat kittens.

The kittens are cute, but they are fierce and defensive and their care needs to be left to the experts.

The two new arrivals are in an enclosure large enough to allow them to practice their innate survival skills, strength, agility, stalking and hunting.

You can watch the bobcat kittens on Lake Metroparks' live webcam here

After about a year and when the kittens have learned natural behaviors they would learn in the wild and they  grow and develop, they will be released into the wild.


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