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UAW Strike Day 2 | "I’m no where close to being able to afford one of the products that I build"

Workers outside the Toledo Assembly Complex remain energized on Saturday.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Imagine building a vehicle that you can't afford yourself from the pay earned for you to build it, despite working at the plant for years. 

That is what multiple UAW members from the Toledo Assembly Complex told WTOL 11 on Saturday, during day two of the UAW strike.

"We can't afford our product that we're building. It's crazy," said Chris Denniss, UAW team leader at the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex. "I mean they got us in here 5, 6, 7 days a week, 10hr days. They're abusing our supplementals and they're making half of what we make. How do you expect people to live on that wage? Or even buy the product that we're building."

Abigail Garcia, a temporary part time worker, or TPT, at the Toledo Assembly Complex says she can't afford the vehicles she works on either. 

"I drive a 2009 Jeep," said Garcia.

Garcia has been a TPT for four and a half years and says she has to work a second job just to get by. 

"It has it's own disadvantages being a TPT because you don't get any of the additional bonuses or profit-sharing or anything like that," said Garcia. "And then my hours are also able to be cut or added mandatory at any time, so that's also a challenge."

Doris Jones is also a teams leader at the complex. She say's the workers deserve better. 

"We work hard. We're dedicated. We come to work. We work 6 days. Sometimes 7 days a week and I think the pay needs to be increased."

There was still a lot of energy by workers on the picket line on Saturday. 



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