WESTLAKE, Ohio — It's Challenge Week on GO! and Dave Chudowsky is stretching his athletic muscles like never before by taking on hot yoga.

"I work out all the time, but I've never done this before," Chudowsky said. "I have to admit, I'm a little bit anxious. This certainly will be a challenge."

Cleveland Yoga's Westlake studio welcomed him in one for of their classes, but he didn’t start with a basics or a beginners class. 

He was thrown right into the fire with a Power Vinyasa Yoga class.

"Yoga has so many benefits, and here at Cleveland Yoga we practice a style of yoga that's Baptiste Yoga," instructor Becky Verner said. "It's practiced around the world. We're really grounded in source principles of Asana, which is the poses, moving your body and meditation; kind of checking out, finding stillness and inquiry."

Verner also said anyone who comes to a class at Cleveland Yoga should expect to sweat. 

"We heat the room to anywhere from about 90 to 95 degrees."

On its website, Cleveland Yoga says hot yoga helps remove toxins from the body and promotes circulation and vitality. They also say the heat increases blood flow to your muscles, which helps to reduce injuries as you work to become more flexible.

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Verner told Chudowsky that one common misconception about yoga is that people think you have to be flexible.

"It's more than just touching your toes. It's what you learn on the way down. The times that you do touch your toes and you nail it, and the times that you don't, and being able to find the even ground and the power that comes with that."

Verner also said the studio is about more than just yoga.

"People love the sweat, they love coming here, being challenged, being pushed and they love the community."

Chudowsky said the class helped him move in ways he didn't think possible.

He rated his performance in the class as a C or C minus, but you be the judge! Click on the video above to see some of the yoga poses and flows that he got to try.

Cleveland Yoga has locations in Cleveland, Westlake, Beachwood and Concord.

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