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Healthy at Home: Workouts from Northeast Ohio fitness studios

There's no excuse to let your fitness routine slide while staying at home. Maureen Kyle shows us how you can get on demand workouts.

CLEVELAND — It can be intimidating to try a new type of workout. But with gyms streaming their specialty, this is the perfect time to try something new from the comfort of your own home.

“I think it's only natural to be intimidated when you're trying something new in general. And I think people misunderstand barre as a dance class and it's not. It's really just a strengthening exercise to tempo to music,” says Colleen Haddad, owner of Westside Barre.

Barre classes are a popular way to strengthen long and lean muscles. Colleen says she's seen more and more new clients hop onto her streamed classes, giving them a way to try this light-weight high rep workout with a sense of privacy.

“We are providing extra cues right now, since we can't hands on assist and adjust. So, just pay attention to our cues and peep around every once in a while. It's really just about listening at this point and doing the best and if you feel something hurting, change it up.”

Need something with a punch? Now's the time to try boxing.

“Just the fact that it's left brain, right brain, it's creative, it's fun, it's whole body,” says Title Boxing Club’s RJ

Westlake's Title Boxing Club puts workouts on demand on Facebook and YouTube. And even though there aren't the bags to punch, the light on your feet shadow boxing will have you working on both cardio and muscle definition.

“You think of fighting, boxers or mixed martial artists, there's definitely an endurance and stamina factor. It's heart and lungs - all day pumping oxygen.”

Or maybe you've always heard of a studio that offers a combination of classes - like Grooveryde.

“The first week, we had 250 people log in,” says founder Anjua Maximo, “What it's telling us is there are two audiences to service.”

This studio provides a variety of classes to take and is seeing people from all over the country try their workouts from near and far.  

“We were seeing guests that literally moved to Florida or moved across the country. They were trying it. And then we were seeing guests who were finding us - like one woman was coming in from Costa Rica - wild! 

Both GrooveRyde and Westside Barre say they will keep streaming their classes even after gyms are allowed to open, because they’ve seen working parents be able to jump into a live stream. All three gyms admit, this is changing the way they do business.

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