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Doylestown nursing home lifts spirits with hallway dance

Even the residents joined in.

DOYLESTOWN, Ohio — With visitors no longer permitted at nursing homes amid coronavirus concerns, the staff at Doylestown Health Care Center found a creative way to help their residents smile: Hallway dancing.

A series of recent videos posted to their Facebook page shows workers dancing throughout the hallway to Blanco Brown’s The Git Up while residents join from the doorway of their rooms.

“Some of them tried to dance along, and most just had beaming smiles on their faces,” Amy Berisford tells 3News. “It was so much fun.”

She said the "Friday dance party" idea came from Christina Sparr, RN and assistant director of nursing at the facility.

“This was done for the morale of the staff as well as the residents," said Michele Rohr, administrator of the facility. "We’re just doing everything we can to brighten everyone’s day."

She said the staff intends to continue doing hallway dances to different songs every Friday.

"We just have to learn all these dances," Rohr laughed.

Their videos quickly earned plenty of positive feedback like these responses on Facebook:

- "This is awesome."

- "So sweet!"

- "Looking good!"

- "That's great you do this stuff to keep your residents entertained at this time."

- "Way to go."

Dance on! Keep smiling! Stay safe!