WESTLAKE, Ohio — 3News Correspondent Emily Mayfield is always game to try the latest beauty trends, so when she heard about a new technique called eyebrow lamination, she was hooked.

Eyebrows have certainly become a big deal in the beauty industry in recent years, as women have embraced a fuller, more natural look - in contrast to the pencil-thin styles of yesteryear.

As Emily tells it, she's tried everything from makeup to microblading (semi-permanent brow tattoos) so she was game to give this lower-maintenance option a go.

Alexa Faye of Alexa Faye Beauty in Westlake is one of the first (and few) licensed cosmetologists currently offering this treatment in the Cleveland area. As she explained to Emily, the treatment involves a chemical application that strips eyebrow hairs of their natural proteins, to allow her to sculpt the brow in a particular shape. Then, she applies another chemical to set the hair in place. Treatments cost around $75.

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The result? A fuller, bolder brow, that lasts about a month. Watch Emily's full brow transformation in the video above.

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