The Reverend Billy Graham lived to become one of the most beloved and powerful religious leaders for generations.

He was the unofficial pastor of the White House, giving spiritual counsel to every president since Harry Truman.

He crisscrossed the globe ministering to thousands at a time, including here in Cleveland in 1994.

"He was one of my mentors," says Dr. Larry Macon from United Pastors in Mission. "There were several occasions when he came to Cleveland. We were asked to do an evangelistic meeting for him."

Graham spoke to the youth and the young-at-heart, filling Cleveland Municipal Stadium with thousands of his followers.

He also served as an influencer to pastors all over the world, like Dr. Macon, who were looking to build their congregations. Macon now has a mega church of his own.

"He was one of the first leaders of mega churches. Even though he didn't pastor a church, he had a mega ministry," Dr. Macon adds.

And a mega ministry it still is. A Library in Charlotte now bears his name, which Graham once said was too much about him.

Reverend Graham's final public appearance was in 2013 for his 95th birthday. Despite being weakened by Parkinson's Disease, he encouraged the nation that 'it's all going to turn out alright.'