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Dynamic dad: A heartfelt Father's Day wish

Cleveland dad gets special message from his family.

CLEVELAND — We shine a light on a dynamic dad -- Martin Williams -- a man known to not only help his family, but also his community.

"I’m just so thankful for my husband," Chonda Williams tells 3News.

When it comes to fathering, it's like second nature for Martin.

"He is determined to keep the Williams legacy alive!" Chonda says.

That legacy includes his wife and four beautiful children: Cameron, Aaron, Jeremiah and Journey. All equally sharing a part of his heart.

Credit: jasmine

"The passion for fatherhood is so strong," Chonda says. "This is a man who comes in dog tired. I know he’s tired, you see it in his face. But when he see the kids, he’s like 'HEYYY!'"

Credit: jasmine

A committed, determined and passionate man who constantly sets examples for his sons.

"He’s always teaching me about how to be respectful and how to be a gentleman -- even when he’s tired," Jeremiah says. "He finds time to play with me and I just think that’s amazing."

A man so amazing that even his daughter wants to be with him forever.

"I love him so much I’m going to marry him one day!" Journey says.

But until then… Happy Father’s Day!


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