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Avoiding the summer snacking pitfall: Mom Squad Pod podcast

The summer months can be the unhealthiest when it comes to eating, but dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick shares how to avoid junk food and get your kids eat better.

CLEVELAND — Summer is a time for ice cream and cookouts and throwing routine out the window. But many parents are starting to notice their kids aren't eating as healthy as they should be. In this week's Mom Squad Pod podcast, 3News' Maureen Kyle talks with mom and Cleveland Clinic Dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick about the summer pitfalls and how to fix them.

“There were some studies showing the impact the pandemic had on kids and what we found was kids were snacking more simply because of the fact that they were at home more," Kirkpatrick says. "So, this phenomenon that we typically see in the summer, actually for many children that we see across the country, has started earlier."

Snacking, she says, is the biggest pitfall. Not only because the kids have been home, but because of social play dates and events that happen more often in the summer months.

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“We see snacking that is so closely tied to social behavior. So, if the kids are going to a pool party or the kids are going to the playground or they are going to have a play date, oftentimes, those occurrences don't occur without food."

The answer isn’t deprivation, but smart choices and moderation.

Listen to the podcast (links above) for more advice on how to get your kids involved in cooking and picking healthy foods they will be excited about.


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