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Emergency scenarios and what to do: Mom Squad with 3News' Maureen Kyle

Would you know what to do if your child's teeth got knocked out? Or what will save their life if they swallow a battery? Our experts share life-saving tips.

CLEVELAND — It's easy to think your kid will never face a major health scare. But kids face dangers every day, from choking hazards to broken bones. That's why it's best to discuss how to be prepared when, not if, your kid has a major health scare.

It will feel like forever for first responders to show up if your kid is in a dire situation. So, let's make sure you can keep your kid safe until you can get to a medical provider.

A lost tooth seems harmless enough. But what if it's an adult tooth? Dentist Dr. Susan Maples says you need to shove the tooth back into the gums.

“You'd like to get right back up in there and hold it. So, obviously one person sitting with the child as they're on the way to the dentist,” Dr. Maples said.

It's gruesome, but it means your child will keep their teeth.

A button battery can be found in a lot of kids’ toys and household objects. But they're incredibly dangerous if your kid swallows one.

You want to get them to a hospital right away, but while you're on your way, feed them honey. Honey can prevent severe damage to your kid’s body.      

The Cleveland Clinic says give your child two teaspoons of honey every 10 minutes while you are on your way to receive care.

Everyone can use a reminder on how to administer CPR depending on a child’s age. We have a video showing what to do, how many breaths to give and how many chest compressions to administer within this episode.

To watch the entire episode, you can see mom squad now streaming on Roku and Fire TV. And if you don't have either one of those, you can always watch on our WKYC YouTube page or below.


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