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Mom Squad: Healthy Halloween and holiday eating

Halloween kicks off the season of indulgence, but no one wants to wake up on Jan. 1 with extra weight. Cleveland Clinic dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick shares advice.

CLEVELAND — We are just days away from Halloween. Have you already opened that bag of candy and snuck a few pieces?

This is the kickoff of what can be a really tough time of year to eat healthy and not indulge. On today's Mom Squad Pod, Maureen Kyle talks to Cleveland Clinic dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick on how to maintain self control.

No. 1, I would say from a parent perspective and a mom perspective to not buy candy you like," Kirkpatrick said. "Now, I understand that sounds pretty obvious, but if you have candy that your kids like, that you like, it's going to go. So you have to make it that this is an event, that this is a fun event, you guys are going to go out trick or treating and you're going to get candy that you like and you don't like and you can choose how you utilize it, but we aren't going to have that candy in the house."

Kirkpatrick also says when those kids start asking to constantly raid their candy bag, allow them one or two pieces a day.

"The reason for that is that we don't want to set up a bad relationship with food," she explained. "With our kids, I think we can do a better job as moms and adults in general that really when we are structuring our relationship with food. we have to make it okay to not always have something that's healthy."

Kirkpatrick also has advice on how to approach all the upcoming holiday parties and how to not get into regretful eating patterns. To hear the entire interview, you can download the Mom Squad Pod where ever you download your podcasts:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player below is from a previous Mom Squad Pod Podcast.

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