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Mom Squad: Helping teens dress appropriately

The struggle may begin during the toddler years, but every parent will need to guide their kids in fashion choices. A fashion consultant gives her best advice.

CLEVELAND — Most of us can probably remember fighting with our parents over what we wanted to wear as teens. And now, if you have kids, you might already see the struggle brewing. In this week's Mom Squad Pod, Maureen Kyle talks with “The Wardrobe Consultant" Hallie Abrams about how to compromise, and also how to encourage your kids to dress for their bodies without causing body image issues.

“To me it's a big part of communication and helping the teens think about what they want to look like,” says Abrams.

“If, you know, their midriff is a part of their body they really like and they're seeing everyone else wear crop tops, they might want to do that. But, okay, well then let's come up with a rule of if you're going to wear a crop top, let's make sure that the pants are high enough so there's not that much showing,” says Abrams.

She advises on giving kids a little bit of authority over what they wear, but also setting boundaries as the parent.

Abrams also says she advises clients who struggle with body image issues.

“Even when I work with a client it's never about their body or the flaw in their body. It's about that we need to find the clothes that fit them. They're not supposed to fit in the clothes,” says Abrams.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player below is from a previous Mom Squad Pod Podcast.

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