CLEVELAND — If you’re like us, we have Zoom classroom after Zoom classroom followed up by worksheet after flashcards and workbooks.

So, we took a little timeout from the school curriculum to do an art project of our own -- and this one was meant to remind the kids about how lucky they are to have each other.

I sat the girls down with a piece of paper and crayons.

“I want you to draw your sister,” I told them.

They were instructed to pay attention to details, like hair color, eye color, favorite outfit and draw her doing her favorite activity.

Kindness Project
Maureen Kyle

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Then, underneath, they had to write three things they love about their sister. It had them really think about the things they love to do with each other, or something the other one helps them with. 

My 4 year old, Millie, says she loves how her sister tells jokes, takes care of their baby sister and how big sister, Scarlett, helps her get things off of tall shelves.

Scarlett also loves how Millie is funny, how they love each other and that Millie kisses her all the time.

I want my kids to realize they are loved, supported and appreciated at every age. I want them to extend this to their friends, too, the next time we do this exercise. I want them to know that what truly matters is how you treat others.

So, as you try to figure out how to show kindness in this extremely strange time, don’t forget to show kindness within your own four walls -- it’s where we are spending the most time lately, right?