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Mom Squad Pod: Building better relationships

The past year has brought personal stress for a lot of couples. Relationship Coach, Kathy Dawson, shares some simple exercises you can do together to bond.

CLEVELAND — The pandemic is causing stress in every aspect of life, including marriages and relationships. A study by the American Family Survey asked 3,000 couples and 37% of them said they had increased stress. Looking at the positive, 56% said it made them appreciate their partner more. In today's Mom Squad Pod Podcast, Maureen Kyle talks with relationship coach Kathy Dawson about exercises you should be doing for yourself and as a couple.

Dawson says one of the exercises she does with couples is creating a PEMS list.

“P is for physical that means, you know, how am I moving my body every day? What am I putting in my mouth? And am I sleeping enough? I mean these are pretty basic things but really important,” says Dawson.

The E stands for emotional wellbeing and the M for Mental, meaning what kind of thoughts are occupying your mind: negative or positive?

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“The S is for spiritual and this is different for everybody. For some it has to do with religion for others it doesn't. It could have to do with nature, it could have to do with meditating, whatever it is right. That's the spiritual side of yourself that you then bring to the relationship.”

Dawson recommends couples write their own PEMS list of goals and how they are going to accomplish them every week. Then, check in with each other and encourage each other to achieve those goals.

For more advice and great exercises to do as a couple, check out the Mom Squad Pod anywhere you download and listen to your podcasts.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player below is from a previous Mom Squad Pod Podcast.