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Mom Squad Pod: Being a good sports parent

It's hard to not get emotionally involved in your kids sports; you want them to succeed. In today's Mom Squad Pod, we discuss how to not overstep your bounds.

CLEVELAND — As fall sports start to ramp up, parents will find themselves on the sidelines watching their kids reach athletic goals. Some parents offer advice, some get really involved, and others stay out of the coaching completely.

So what makes a good sports parent? In today's "Mom Squad Pod" Maureen Kyle talks to Dr. Sam Maniar, a sports psychologist, on how to be helpful and not overreaching.

"The best example I could give you is: Would you sit in the back of your child's math class and start barking out 'Hey, don't forget to carry the one! You know, and bring it over to the tens column!'" Maniar said. "No, of course we would never do that, [but] we're essentially doing that on the sports field.

"If we're not going to do it for an academic subject, why in the world would you think it's okay to do in a sport?"

To listen to the entire conversation on why Dr. Maniar thinks multiple sports benefit your child and how to recognize signs of burn out, download the Mom Squad Pod anywhere you get your podcasts.

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