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Mom Squad: Helping kids with transitions

Kids are headed back to school over the next few weeks. With Covid changing the familiar surroundings, Dr. Tori Cordiano helps identify when a kid is having trouble.

CLEVELAND — Kids will be headed back to school soon. But for many of them, the Covid-19 protocols might have school looking different. Or maybe they're headed to a new building. For our youngest kids who have been home during the pandemic, this might be their first school experience. In this weeks' Mom Squad Pod, Maureen Kyle speaks with Dr. Tori Cordiano, Clinical Psychologist, about why this can be a tough time for kids.

“The younger the kid, the more concrete their thinking and the less they can visualize exactly what it's going to look like, especially if they haven't been there before. So anything that's going to get them comfortable with what it's going to look like, popping into the school, getting to know the teacher, looking at pictures together, talking through what the routine of the day will look like, who will drop you off, what will happen next, who will pick you up,” says Cordiano.

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Dr. Coridano says there are signs your child is having a hard time with adjustment. For example, more whining or irritable behavior.

And realize, no matter what your situation, going back to school is always an adjustment.

“Even if it's same school as last year and easy as an adjustment as possible it's still a pretty big transition from summer to the school year, so keep everything else low key so they're not expected to come home and do eight million activities or go on a road trip that weekend. Plan for it to be a little bit of a buffer at home,” says Cordiano.

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