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Mom Squad: Stick Doll Puppets

Are the kids sick of the same old toys? Maureen Kyle shows us how your kids can make their own characters with craft sticks.

CLEVELAND — By now, we've played with every single doll and toy in our house. And we've probably used a few reams of paper while they doddle pictures of themselves, our family and animals. It was time to shake things up and get creative. 

Credit: Maureen Kyle

Luckily, I have a stash of craft sticks in my bin of supplies. So, we decided to make stick puppets!

We decided to start with drawing our own faces on the top of the stick. The more simple the better. 

Credit: Maureen Kyle

The girls used markers because it absorbs better into the wood than crayons. 

Also, with a little help, we found scrap fabric from old clothes and cut them into pieces. The girls glued them to the sticks to make the dolls clothing. 

Credit: Maureen Kyle

On their own, they created unicorns to go with their dolls. They named the stick dolls and asked to make them a house. This kept them busy all afternoon! 

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