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How to make organizing fun for kids: Mom Squad with 3News' Maureen Kyle

A local organizer has a game for kids to help them get excited about donating items, organizing their room and learning to recycle. She shows us her method.

CLEVELAND — Now that we are days away from spring, maybe you're getting the itch to spring clean and organize the house. But it can be very overwhelming, especially when it comes to the kid clutter! In today's Mom Squad, we get advice from Lynne Poulton, professional organizer, who runs Wholly Organized. She invented a game, Declutter Go, to help get kids involved and motivated in organizing and getting rid of the extra stuff.

The game is made up of six foam blocks that act like dice. Each one gives a different prompt. For example, one of the blocks has photos of different rooms in your house on every side. So, when you roll it, you see what room you need to work on.

Another block has a set of numbers, one through six. When a kid rolls it, the die will show a number and that’s how many things they need to find in the chosen room to donate, put away, recycle, or clean up.

After you roll the dice three times and clean up, you roll the “reward” die. That has options like screen time, dance party or treat.

“The idea is that if you’re saying, ‘We’re going to clean up the basement all day,' that doesn’t sound like fun,” says Lynne.

Lynne also works with a lot of adults who are emotionally tied to items, which makes it overwhelming to declutter, donate and get organized. She has advice on how to categorize those items in your mind, and therefore your closet.

Listen to the entire episode on our WKYC Plus channel which you can find on Roku or Fire TV. If you don’t have those, you can watch on our WKYC YouTube channel or below.


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