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Mom Squad Pod: Does 'time out' work? Expert parenting advice on discipline vs. punishment

Every parent tries to mold their child's behavior in the most effective way. Dr. Kim Bell with the Hanna Perkins Center shares her expertise in this week's podcast.

CLEVELAND — No one ever wants to be the parent who is constantly yelling -- but at the same time, we want to get through to our kids. So, what are the most effective ways to discipline?

In this week's “Mom Squad Pod” podcast, Dr. Kim Bell with the Hanna Perkins Center explains why “discipline” is different than "punishment."

She talks to 3News' Maureen Kyle about how to de-escalate the anger and yelling, and how to use these moments to mold your child's behavior.

“There is punishment and there is discipline,” Bell explains. “For me, punishment has a bit of a more negative connotation to it. So it's those times where ‘you have made me angry and I'm going to react to that.'"

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“Discipline a teachable moment," Bell continues. "You have engaged in something. 'As your parent I have to show you the limits of what's acceptable social behavior.'"

When it comes to teaching consequences, Dr. Bell says parents should think in terms of the punishment fitting the crime.

“I'm a huge fan of thinking about it as restitution. What can we learn to do? We don't want kids to be a child who just breaks things. We want a kid who can break things and fix things because that's how human beings are. We all do things that we regret and then we try to fix them."

To listen to the entire interview and get more advice on how to effectively discipline your child, listen to the Mom Squad Pod available on all podcast platforms.


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