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How to save more money when shopping sales: Mom Squad with 3News' Maureen Kyle

Before you buy something just because it's at a deep discount, Wardrobe Consultant Hallie Abrams tells us how to make sure we are using our money wisely.

CLEVELAND — Every morning we are talking about the price of everyday items going up -- including gas, food and household supplies. So, we know, every penny counts.

This is the time of year you also get slammed with promotional e-mails from stores promising big discounts. Before you shop ‘til you drop thinking you're saving big, Wardrobe Consultant Hallie Abrams tells us how to shop smart.

“When you're shopping a sale there are a few really handy dandy tips,” says Abrams. “The first of which is to know what is in your closet so you know what's missing, but also so you know the things that you love. Very often, shopping a sale is a time to replace and replenish things that have worn out.”

You can listen to the full edition of this podcast in the player below:

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Abrams says think of things like a white T-shirt that you wear all the time. If it has a stain or is torn, this is the time to look for one on sale.

“The second is when you find a piece that is on sale, think about what I call it the 3-3-3 rule. So think about three ways you can wear it, three places you could wear it to and three items in your current closet that you can pair it with if it passes actually even if it passes two of the threes you're pretty good to go.”

Hallie also talks about how to buy a season or a year ahead, which items won't go out of style and are smart to buy on a deep discount.

You can listen to the entire conversation on our Mom Squad Pod wherever you download your podcasts or catch our streaming show on our WKYC streaming channel or YouTube.


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