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Security expert weighs in on safer schools and red flags after Ulvade shooting: Mom Squad with 3News' Maureen Kyle

After deadly shootings at a grocery store, a church and then Uvalde Elementary, many people are wondering: Am I safe? A security expert talks about improving safety.

CLEVELAND — As we follow the latest developments out of Uvalde, many parents are asking: Is my child safe in school? Could this have been prevented? 

Last week following the shooting, 3News' Maureen Kyle spoke to safety and security expert, Tim Dimoff, head of SACS Security Consultants. In today's Mom Squad, they talk about the red flags many of these shooters post on social media and how to identify it.

“The majority of the high-level aggressive people, they talk about it," Dimoff says. "They put it out on social media. They write stuff. They tell their friends and family. They don't keep it a secret. And a lot of times they're reaching out for help. It's a subliminal type of reach out. It's a sickness and that's part of the sickness. But in the majority of cases, these people are really expressing themselves to a lot of different people and what we need is the eyes and ears that are out there across this country.”

In cases where people are posting violent thoughts or threats, Dimoff recommends reporting it to the authorities. Even if the post isn’t criminal, if several people report the same person as “concerning” it can help authorities keep an eye on that person.

In the conversation, Dimoff also talks about the future of security -- including a possible expansion of metal detectors in places like churches and grocery stores.

3News' Danielle Wiggins also joins Kyle to talk about her fears as a mother and wife of a school teacher.

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Editor's note: Video in the player above was originally published in a previous edition of Mom Squad on April 19, 2022.

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