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Mom Squad: Ways to cut the monthly budget

As the cost of everything increases, every family needs to find ways to cut the budget and save. A financial advisor explains the best ways to find savings.

CLEVELAND — Consumer prices increased over 9 percent this year. Basically, that means we are paying more for everything. The biggest jump was in energy prices, but we are feeling it when it comes to our grocery bills and household items, too.

In today's Mom Squad, Maureen Kyle sits down with financial advisor Elizabeth Schiderer with Sequoia Financial to talk about where to find the best savings. She says it's important to prioritize the budget. You need to pay bills, but then the savings can come from other places, like all the extras.

“The go-to way to cut the monthly budget is to eat in. To not order in and just do that meal planning. Yes, it's extra time in the day and there are dishes to clean up, but you're not paying that delivery fee, you're not tipping, those areas really add up and trust me, those really hit the bank account,” says Schiderer.

She also recommends meal planning around what's on sale and what's in season. A good way to do that is to look at ads or get store apps to see what deals they have going on.

And when it comes to your kids -- which they can certainly rack up bills -- explain to them where they need to chip in, depending on their age.

For the full conversation about smart money moves to make right now, watch the full episode on our YouTube page and streaming channel.

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