It’s tough to find a Mother’s day gift for mom because knowing what she wants isn’t easy.

This year, 80 percent of Americans plan to buy their mothers a gift, which is slightly more than last year, according to a survey conducted by RetailMeNot

Most Americans are going the more traditional route as 55 percent of them plan to buy mom flowers, which is also an increase from last year.

Yet, mothers aren’t clamoring for flowers. The survey asked mothers what they wanted for the holiday and 41 percent of them want to spend time with family.

A close second is a nice dinner (35 percent), followed by flowers (26 percent) and a gift card (25 percent).

Here’s a full list of what mothers said they wanted:

  • 41 percent say they want a day with their families
  • 35 percent want a nice dinner
  • 26 percent want flowers
  • 25 percent want a gift card
  • 17 percent want a nice card
  • 16 percent want chocolate
  • 10 percent want a vacation
  • 10 percent want clothes
  • 9 percent want a day to themselves
  • 7 percent want breakfast in bed
  • 4 percent want alcohol