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Santa helps spread magic amid stay-at-home orders

Santa is working to help spread cheer and lift spirits during this time of uncertainty.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — With schools and businesses closed, and events canceled, many parents of young children will tell you this is a challenging time.

Santa is also making the most of his time during the stay at home order, and spreading Christmas joy -- even though it's spring.

Inside Santa's call center, he has about 10 scheduled video chats a day.

"I get calls from California, Nebraska, Florida, New York City, of course," Santa says. "I started this because i knew they are upset missing school, missing their friends and just thought I'd reach out to them, see what they're doing, make sure everybody is safe."

Santa chats with the kids and they can ask him questions, too. He's not sure how long the video chats will go on, but for now he has the time. His essential employees make sure that Christmas will still go off without a hitch.

"The elves are busy making the toys. They don't need the supervision."

Santa says that parents have offered to pay him, but he always tells them 'no.' He says this is his gift to the kids.

Instead, Santa recommends donating to a local food bank or charity.

You can schedule a call by reaching out to Santa, on the Santa Chuck Plant Facebook page.

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