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Sticking together to help spread kindness and stop bullying

Longtime Cleveland broadcaster Denise Dufala is on a mission to help stop bullying with the "Be Kind, Stick Together" program.

Did you know that one in four kids is being bullied?

A lot of young people feel powerless to stop it, but there is help in the form of a program developed right here in Cleveland.

Longtime local broadcaster Denise Dufala is the national ambassador for "Be Kind, Stick Together," a character education program offered to schools and youth organizations by Project Love and Duck Tape® in an effort to provide a fun and different way for students to explore the important social-emotional learning concepts of kindness and sticking together to combat bullying and negative behaviors.

Denise is on a mission to spread the word about this important program. On Friday's Donovan Live, she told us the story of 11-year-old Gabi Vetrick, who just went through "Be Kind, Stick Together" at St. Ambrose School in Brunswick and took the concept to another level by "Throwing Kindness Like Confetti." Watch Gabi's story in the player above.

In addition, Denise has written a children's book called Bomba the Brave, a teaching tool that parents can use to help talk to their kids about bullying and teasing.

CLICK HERE to sign up for "Be Kind, Stick Together" and to order a copy of Bomba the Brave