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Northeast Ohio Ice Cream Guide: Unique spots on Cleveland's east side to get a sweet treat this summer

I scream, you scream...

CLEVELAND — Ask any one of our 3News meteorologists and they will tell you that summer has officially arrived in Northeast Ohio; the grass is greener, the temperatures are rising and the sun is out to play.

And while there are many foods and events that mark the summer season, nothing quite encapsulates a summer day like stopping at a local ice cream spot for a scoop (or two!) of the rich, delicious icy treat. 

Of course, there are tons of great places to get ice cream on the east side-- we combed through dozens just in researching for this guide, alone! That's why we have created an ultimate guide to reference when looking for a fun and unique ice cream spot on the east side of Cleveland. 

And while each of these delicious locales can be found east of Cleveland, we promise that guides for the west side and downtown will be coming soon! 

From Instagrammable to downright delicious, you are going to want to add each of these local businesses to your summer 2021 bucket list. 

King Kone

10621 Grant St, Chardon, OH 44024

Think of the ice cream cone that your parents would never have let you eat when you were younger. Is it covered in gummy bears, sprinkles and chocolate sauce? Maybe it's sandwiched comfortably between two donuts. Whatever your dream ice cream scenario is, King Kone is almost sure to have it. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
King Kone's Cotton Candy ice cream in a cotton candy dipped waffle cone!

The 'Glazed of Glory' (featured below) is one of King Kone's signature dishes and can only be described as Homer Simpson's ideal dessert. With your choice of ice cream crammed in between two glazed donuts and completed with a variety of toppings selected by the customer, this dish is sure to be everything you are hoping for. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
The 'Glazed of Glory' from King Kone in Chardon features your choice of ice cream sandwiched by two donuts!

You could also give 'The No Name' a try! An ice cream cone covered with chocolate sauce, caramel, pretzels, cookie dough bites and buckeyes, any ice cream lover will find themselves in a state of pure joy eating this dessert.

Credit: Hope Sloop
'The No Name' from King Kone features an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and covered in caramel, pretzels, buckeyes and cookie dough bites.


1250 Lost Nation Rd, Willoughby, OH 44094

Here is a spot that the kiddos will enjoy! Charlotte's offers a wide variety of ice cream and treats, with several dishes, including 'The Princess'  and 'Dino Explosion' aimed directly at the little ones. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
'The Unicorn,' made by Charlotte's Ice Cream in Willoughby.
Posted by Charlotte's Ice Cream on Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Willoughby location also has fun desserts devoted to Cleveland fans! 

Make sure to try out the 'Believeland' and the 'Windians' parfaits if you get the chance to stop by!

Credit: Hope Sloop
Charlotte's Ice Cream 'Windians' and 'Believeland' parfaits.

JJ's Ice Cream & Cafe

2153 Noble Rd, East Cleveland, OH 44112

JJ's Ice Cream and Cafe is one spot that you need to add to your summer 2021 bucket list. This incredible ice cream place is not for the faint of heart, either. Make sure to bring your sweet tooth because you are going to need it to devour one of JJ's artistic and delicious ice cream cones or milkshakes. 

The perfect blend of eye candy and actual candy, JJ's is one spot you will not want to miss out on this summer. Make sure to try one of their signature cones or milkshakes while you're there and don't forget to take tons of pictures!

Fairport Harbor Creamery

202 High St, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077

This one is for all the adults out there! 

Are you looking for a treat that combines the icy-deliciousness of ice cream with the taste and flavor of alcohol? Fairport Harbor Creamery is the perfect spot.

Credit: Hope Sloop
The 'Boozy' menu at Fairport Harbor Creamer.

Known for their menu filled with 'boozy options,' like the 'Ship-faced' milkshake and the 'Boozy Sampler,' this creamery caters to adults looking to try out ice cream infused with various alcohols.  

Looking for a dairy-free option? Fairport Harbor Creamery also offers Dole Whip alcohol floats, filled with either a White Claw or Vinho Verde sparkling wine!

This spot also happens to be right at the top of the hill from Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park and may be considered the perfect spot to enjoy some unique ice cream and catch a classic Lake Erie sunset. 

Kirtland Creamery

9304 Chillicothe Rd, Kirtland, OH 44094 

The Kirtland Creamery is a perfect spot to grab ice cream with the family this summer. The atmosphere is kid-friendly and so is the menu!

Credit: Hope Sloop
The 'Garbage Can' from Kirtland Creamery.

While visiting, make sure to try out one of their specialty 'Garbage Cans,' which are offered in flavors like Campfire, DirtNWorms and Bear Tracks. 

The Kirtland spot also offers a strawberry cheesecake sundae filled with ice cream, strawberries, cheesecake bites and graham cracker crust. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
The strawberry cheesecake sundae from Kirtland Creamery.

If you aren't into any fancy dishes, the ice cream spot also has more than 20 different flavors of hard-serve ice cream and even a multi-colored soft serve ice cream that is sure to make any child (or adult) happy.

Biggie's Custard

5665 Andrews Rd, Mentor-On-The-Lake, OH 44060

With more than 20 ice cream flavors like the Lake Erie Salt Mine, Cookie Monster, PB&J and Peanut Butter Pretzel Paradise, Biggie's Custard promises to have an ice cream or custard for everyone in the family. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
The 'Cookie Monster' ice cream from Biggie's Custard.

But don't be tempted by just their hard scoop ice creams. 

Biggie's Custard lives up to its name, offering more than 30 different flavors of soft-serve custards, ranging from apple pie to cotton candy to german chocolate cake to watermelon. 

Credit: Hope Sloop
The Browns Town Sundae from Biggie's Custard.

Biggie's also has an extensive list of hand-crafted sundaes to choose from. Browns fans may be partial to the 'Browns Town' and kids may find themselves checking out the 'Captain Krunch Supreme.'

Credit: Hope Sloop
The Captain's Krunch Sundae from Biggie's Custard.

Ice Cream on the Greens 

8957 Lakeshore Blvd, Mentor, OH 44060

Homemade waffle cones, elaborate sundaes, personalized ice cream sandwiches... what's not to love? 

Ice Cream on the Greens is one of the most unique and enjoyable spots to check out on the east side of Cleveland, offering a perfect mix of new and fun options, combined with old fashioned ice cream and floats.  

Credit: Hope Sloop
The cotton candy sundae from Ice Cream on the Greens.

When you stop by, be sure to also try out an ice cream taco, filled with your choice of soft serve, toppings and sauces.

If all of these dishes are a little fancy for your taste, don't worry, they have simple and timeless options, as well. 

Try out one of their various soft serve and hard serve flavors, and indulge in their options of dip, including chocolate, cherry, blue raspberry, cotton candy, butterscotch and more! 

CP's Cooler

32433 Vine St, Willowick, OH 44095

Known in Lake County for their limited-time specials, their edible cookie dough flavors and their dairy-free and vegan options, CP’s Cooker promises to have something for every person— regardless of dietary restrictions.

On their Facebook page, CP's Cooler shows off their array of vegan homemade ice cream (both hard serve and soft), vegan handcrafted cookie dough, and vegan slushies. Additionally, CP's offers gluten-free and no sugar added options! 

Posted by CP's Cooler homemade ice cream & treats on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

So far in 2021, the Willowick ice cream spot has carried special flavors and items such as a PB&J parfait, frozen Shirley Temples, the 'Mango Tango' ice cream float (topped with tajin), and the 'Hot Honey Sundae,' vanilla ice cream drizzled with Mike's Hot honey and Flamin' Hot peanuts.

Make sure to try 'The Wreckage' when you stop by the east side eatery. This treat consists of a vanilla ice cream cone turned on its side, and smothered with chocolate dip, caramel sauce, sea salt and pretzels. 

The only SHIPWRECK we want to ever experience!!! This is a favorite here at CP's Cooler. A Vanilla Soft Serve Cone,...

Posted by CP's Cooler homemade ice cream & treats on Monday, May 17, 2021

Happy summer and enjoy, Northeast Ohio! 


Editor's note: The video in the player above is from a story published on May 21, 2021.

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