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Ohioans prefer green bean casserole as favorite Thanksgiving side dish, data finds

Each state's most popular side dish was found through data from Google Trends during the month of November 2019.
Green bean casserole

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As you are well aware, calories don't count on Thanksgiving, but what is your favorite side dish from the endless options?

Zippia, a website that helps people find new career options, used data from Google Trends during the month of November 2019 to determine what people are searching for the most in each state.  

Credit: Zippia
Zippia used data from Google Trends to determine each state's most popular Thanksgiving side dish.

Unsurprisingly, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese led the way, with 10 and seven states choosing those as their favorites, respectively.

Ohio is one of six states that reaches for the green bean casserole above all other side dishes first. Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Michigan are the others.

Indiana is the only state in the country whose favorite side dish is deviled eggs.

And oddly enough, Maine residents prefer the healthy option of a side salad as opposed to the rest of the carb-heavy choices.

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