Shaun Yasaki knows beer. He trained as a brew master at Fat Head’s, helped start Platform Beer Company and now he’s opening his own brewery, kitchen and tap room called Noble Beast.

“The highest quality possible. Take no shortcuts,” he told us of his product.

With staples like Great Lakes and Market Garden and a host of new companies over the years, Yasaki knows craft beer in Cleveland is a crowded field.

“It went from being able to name every brewery to constantly learning about new ones myself,” he said.

But he’s proud to be part of the local brewery boom.

“There’s a lot of great things happening in Cleveland and all the new breweries are a sign of that,” he said.

In 2016, the city received major accolades for its beer scene including The Travel Channel’s list of “Six Must Visit U.S. Cities for Beer Connoisseurs” and “Best Beer Scenes” by USA Today.

In 2017, there will be even more to taste. Saucy Brew Works in Ohio City’s Hingetown and a new brewery on The Flats East Bank will open later this year. Terrestrial Brewing in Battery Park is due to open this spring and Masthead Brewing opens next week in the 1200 block of Superior Avenue.

Destination Cleveland says “City of Beer” is an identity that brings people and their spending money to the local market.

“When you talk about destinations that are a brewing destination, you go to a Denver, you go to an Asheville and you taste what they make there. That puts us on the map as a differentiator for us,” said Jennifer Kramer with Destination Cleveland. “We have a lot that we can offer.”

Yasaki believes if you brew it they will come.

“People want the fresh beer that’s made down the road. Beer doesn’t get any better than that,” he said.

Noble Beast is scheduled to open in late spring. It will have five or six different types of beer on tap, leaving room to grow with up to 15 down the road.

An inside look at Noble Beast as work continues. 
An inside look at Noble Beast as work continues. 

Noble Beast is located at 1470 Lakeside Avenue East in Cleveland.