While many of us were still chanting, "Can't stop the feeling," or relishing in his Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake was busy creating berry combinations.

Last year, the music icon posted a video to his Instagram describing how a blueberries fit perfectly inside raspberries and coined the duo 'Braspberry.'


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Since his post to Instagram, fruit distributor, Driscoll's has eliminated the hassle when it comes to this berry combination.

Driscoll's announced last week on its own Instagram for consumers to be on the look for the new creation in stores.

New berry launch! Fresh from the farm, #Braspberries are an out of this world flavor combination! @justintimberlake, be on the lookout in a grocery store near you. 😉 #FinestBerries #newproduct #newproductalert

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The pre-packaged combination is hand-picked and hand-stuffed.

In an interview with Food and Wine, Driscoll's director of marketing confirmed that the pre-packed concoction isn't on the market yet and is currently only being packaged for promotional purposes.