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Eating less meat could help slow down climate change, according to UN report

The news comes as restaurants introduce meatless alternatives.

CLEVELAND — A new report released by the United Nations states that eating less meat could help to slow down climate change. The report states that incorporating a more plant-based diet can help the environment. 

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The news comes as more restaurants look for alternatives. Burger King announced it will now be offering the “Impossible Burger,” and local shops like Anna in the Raw in downtown Cleveland offers a “Beyond Meat” veggie burger.

“It looks like meat and it smells like meat,” said chef and owner Anna Harouvis. “This is going to be gluten free and vegan, healthy and good for the environment.”

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The discussion over meatless options coincides with a new report released by the United Nations suggesting that eating less meat can help to slow down climate change. 

“To be a little more conscious about it, try to reduce or minimize the amount of red meat is a rational and logical response to back climate change,” said Mike Foley, director of Cuyahoga County’s department of sustainability.

Foley said the recommendations are in line with their own climate change report that takes a closer look at how we use energy and transportation. 

You can read more about Cuyahoga County’s Climate Action Plan here