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Grocery prices continue to rise in Northeast Ohio and across the nation as holiday season nears

Family-run grocery businesses struggle to keep up with the rising cost of food.

PARMA, Ohio — Skyrocketing grocery prices are not only causing consumers anxiety at the checkout line, but business owners as well.  

Lisa Chuppa owns Chuppa's Marketplace in Parma. "We have been getting hit with all of our suppliers with chicken, ground meat, everything. We know that we are fairly competitive with our prices that we charge. We don't think we are any higher or lower than anybody else," she says.

The U.S. Department of Labor released figures Tuesday that show just how dire the situation is becoming for the average family across the country. There were increases in not only in shelter and medical care, but food as well.

Bread prices rose 2.2% in the last month and is up 16.2% from a year ago. Eggs surged another 2.9% and are up 39.8% for the 12-month period. Canned fruits increased an additional 3.4%

And not only are potato prices on the rise, Chuppa says they may be difficult to find during the holiday season.

So how can we save money now? Chuppa has the following suggestions:

  • Buy local produce. Freeze and can excess.
  • Buy prepared foods to save on energy consumption.
  • Buy meat in bulk. Put servings in individual packets and freeze excess.

For Chuppa, like many others who own family run businesses in the food and grocery industry, she's hoping something will give and help return prices back to a reasonable spot while many look to be in the kitchen more often during the colder months.

"We have to predict what we think our customers are going to buy (next year). They can't give us a price right (now). It depends on what they are paying." Chuppa said. 

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